Student Talks

Emily Clement. Computing maximally-permissive strategies in acyclic timed automata

Pierre Vandenhove. Games Where You Can Play Optimally with Arena-Independent Finite Memory

Eric Lubat. A Short Overview on Diagnosability of Patterns in Timed Petri Net

Anirban Majumdar. Concurrent parameterized games

Pascal Baumann. The complexity of bounded context switching with dynamic thread creation

Federica Adobbati. Asynchronous games on Petri nets

Elias Barbudo. Modelling and Mapping Framework for Coarse-Grained Programmable Architectures

Jawher Jerray. Guaranteed phase synchronization of hybrid oscillators using symbolic Euler’s method

Joan Thibault. Leveraging Structural Analysis for Quantified Boolean Formulae

Mathieu Hilaire. Reachability in 2-parametric timed automata with one parameter is EXPSPACE-complete

Amrita Suresh. Bounded Reachability Problems are Decidable in FIFO Machines

Olivier Stietel. Local first order logic for distributed algorithms

Rong Gu. Controller Synthesis and Verification for Multi-Agent Systems

Stefanie Mühlberger. Neural Network Abstraction for Accelerating Verification

Léo Exibard. On Computability of Data Word Functions Defined by Transducers

Ritam Raha. Revisiting Synthesis for One-Counter Automata

Kush Grover. An Anytime Algorithm for Reachability on Uncountable MDP

Dominik Klumpp. Partial Order Reduction for Trace Abstraction Refinement

Suman Sadhukhan. Dynamic Network Congestion Games