Toward Systems Biology

May 30 - 31, June 1, 2011


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Confirmed speakers and abstracts

Moshe Yaniv, Department of Developmental Biology, Institut Pasteur, (slides 1) (slides 2)
From the Operon Theory to Epigenetics: a trip of 50 years into gene regulation

Bud Mishra, New York University
When Biology Meets (Symbolic) Computing: Algebra, Biology, Computability and Diophantus

Tom Henzinger, IST Austria (slides)
Syntax Matters

Jacques Demongeot, TIMC
General Architecture of a Genetic Regulation Network. Applications to Embryologic and Immunologic Control

Eshel Ben Jacob, Tel-Aviv University, (slides, big file!)
Bacteria Game Theory

Gilles Clermont, University of Pittsburgh, (slides)
Multiscale Modeling of Influenza Virus Infection and Containment

Vincent Danos, University of Edinburgh, (slides)
Energy as Syntax

Jeremy S. Edwards, University of New Mexico
Membrane Organization and the Quantitative Understanding of Cell Signaling

Radu Grosu, Stony Brook University, (slides)
Predicting Emergent Behavior in Cardiac Tissue: A Grand Challenge

Hidde de Jong, INRIA Rhône-Alpes, Grenoble, (slides)
Gene Regulatory Networks in Bacteria: From Structure to Dynamics

David Engelberg, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, (slides)
Forcing Unicellular Organisms to Form Multicellular Organized Structures

Francois Fages, INRIA Paris-Rocquencourt
A Graphical Method for Reducing and Relating Models in Systems Biology

Adam Halasz, University of West Virginia, (slides)
Investigating the Spatial Organization of VEGF Receptors on the Cell Membrane

Oded Maler, Verimag, (slides intro), (slides)
Under-determined Dynamical Systems, Discrete and Continuous

Dirk Drasdo, INRIA Paris-Rocqencour
Towards Multi-cellular Systems Biology: Liver Regeneration and Cancerogenesis

P S Thiagarajan National University of Singapore, (slides)
Probabilistic Approximations of Bio-pathways Dynamics: Some Computational Aspects

Thao Dang, Verimag, (slides)
Applying the hybridization approach to biological models

Hillel Kugler, Microsoft Research Cambridge
Synthesizing Biological Theories

Vitaly Volpert, University of Lyon
Hybrid Models in Cell Population Dynamics

Heinz Koeppl, ETH Zurich, (slides)
Accounting for Extrinsic Variability in the Estimation of Stochastic Rate Constants

Gregory Batt, INRIA Paris-Rocquencourt, (slides)
Towards Real-Time Control of Gene Expression

Fabien Corblin, TIMC, (slides)
A Formal Approach to Decipher a Mixture of Genetic and Metabolic Networks

Éric Fanchon, TIMC, (slides)
The Chemical Master Equation, and other Concepts from Physics, for the Modeling of Biological Network

Alexandre Donzé, Verimag, (slides)
Quantitative Temporal Logics for a Quantitative Analysis of Biological Systems